Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Are All In This Together!

My daughter's high school teacher said, "What can you expect? The middle school just does not prepare the students to be successful in high school."

Her middle school teacher said, "Don't worry! Middle school is a very different experience from elementary school - an adjustment is to be expected."

Her elementary school teacher said, "We need to take a serious look at kindergarten and preschool."

Her kindergarten and preschool teachers said, "This child was not ready for school. What are her parents like?"

And my wife said, "Don't blame me, have you ever met his father?"

I share this story in jest as none of my daughter's teachers, (or my wife) ever said any of those things. As a matter of fact, she is doing quite well in school. However, the scenario outlined above does take place frequently in school districts around the country. It's always someone else's fault...

Successful organizations are filled with individuals who are accountable to one another and responsible for the outcomes, good or bad. Successful organizations have people who strive to find solutions to the organization's most difficult problems. When it comes to the education of children, we are all in this together!