Wednesday, February 20, 2013

History & Tradition

In his book "Bo's Lasting Lessons," author John Bacon quotes Bo as saying, "The history of your organization is one of your greatest strengths, and if you're new to the organization, it's your job to learn it, to respect it and to teach it to the people coming up in your company."

As a school district, Saline Area Schools has a rich tradition of academic, athletic and extra-curricular success. We offer our students a deep and broad range of opportunities and, as Bo said, it is our responsibility to ensure the people joining our organization understand this tradition of opportunity and success.

However, it is also our responsibility to continue to seek ways to better serve our students, to better prepare them for life beyond high school. It is not only the need to respect our traditions, but also the never-ending quest build upon them and get better that will benefit our students for years to come.