Monday, December 12, 2011

What Is Our Championship Game?

While attending the Big 10 Football Championship this past weekend, I had an opportunity to take my son's picture with the Big Ten Championship Trophy - what an impressive piece of hardware! As a matter of fact, the sports world is full of impressive trophies - The Stanley Cup in hockey, The Lombardi Trophy in football, the World Cup in FIFA soccer, the Borg Warner Trophy at the Indianapolis 500, etc.  

At the HS level, our Saline teams have the opportunity to compete for Conference, District, Region and State Championships. For Hornet graduates who continue their careers as collegians, their teams compete for Conference and National Championships. The fact is, teams play for a championship in virtually every sport. 
The opportunity to challenge and compete for championships provides coaches, students and even fans with a definitive, tangible goal to pursue. Further, it helps them maintain a laser-like focus while pursuing those goals. As we continue to examine our schools and make decisions about our future, ask yourself the question, “What is Our Championship Game?” The closer we move to having a singular answer, (or even a select few common answers) the more clearly we will be able to define our goals and maintain our own laser-like focus in the Pursuit of Excellence!

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