Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Strategic Framework

Last night Saline Area Schools began the process of reviewing and updating our Strategic Framework. For those who are unfamiliar with the Strategic Framework, it is a series of five (5) goals that guide the District. Below is a summary of the goals:

Goal 1: All students will acquire the essential skills and knowledge to meet or exceed standards in reading, writing and mathematics by the end of Grade 3.

Goal 2: All students will acquire the essential skills to be lifelong learners and leaders in an ever-changing, 21st Century, global society.

Goal 3: Strengthen family-school relationships and continue to expand civic, business, higher education  and community partnerships that support improved student achievement.

Goal 4: Enhance a positive school environment that promotes students & staff well-being, satisfaction and positive morale.

Goal 5: District shall establish short-term fiscal stability and long-term fiscal solvency.

Our goals with this review are numerous. We will develop a working understanding of the various elements of a sound planning process. We will define appropriate roles for Board, staff and community. We will develop specific action plan elements that will be recommended to the Administration and Board. We will ensure the framework elements are clear and coherent to promote broad understanding. Finally, we will incorporate a calendar for review of progress.

To achieve these ambitious goals we have asked approximately 75 students, parents, support staff, teachers and administrators to participate in the process to ensure we have broad range of perspectives and divergent thought. We must creatively improve the Strategic Framework and developing solid, executable action steps to make it come alive.

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