Friday, July 19, 2013

Central Casting

A few years ago we received a phone call from my nephew who was vacationing with my brother and sister-in-law in Florida. When I asked him about his visit to Disney World he said, "Uncle Curt, I was just lost in the magic." While I laughed at the time, I must admit that when it comes to Disney, I too find myself lost in magic.

Through the years my wife and I have taken our children to Disney numerous times and I have read about Disney and their powerful culture. Every decision and every detail is purposeful and connected to their mission which says in part, "to be one of the world's leading providers of entertainment and information." Perhaps the area that I have been most fascinated with is their Central Casting Department. You see, Disney does not hire employees, rather they cast for a role. During the casting process, perspective cast members watch a video which explains very clearly Disney's high standards. From what I understand, after watching the video, some decide that being a Disney cast member just isn't for them.

Since school ended in June, Saline Area Schools has been conducting our own version of central casting. We have talked about our high standards and expectations to applicants from New York to Washington and spent countless hours identifying and casting individuals to fill the various roles within our district. The process has been both exhausting and exciting at the same time, yet I am convinced that  if we continue to cast properly we too can continue to be a world leader in education.

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