Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Did You Know?

November 5 is an election day and Saline Area Schools has a proposal on the ballot to renew our operating millage. This is not a new tax, Saline Area Schools has been collecting the same 18 mills since 1994 and passing this millage renewal will allow the District to continue to do so until 2023. In addition, the millage renewal has NO COST IMPACT TO HOMEOWNERS as the millage is not levied against an individual's principal residence.

If the millage is not renewed the district will lose approximately $7.9 million in annual revenue or 15.75% of our annual budget. To put this in real terms, that equates to the approximate cost to operate two of our elementary buildings, (supplies, utilities, teachers, support staff, administrators, etc.).

For further information, including the actual ballot language, please visit the Saline Finance Blog. 

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