Friday, September 28, 2012

The Wise Man and the Dove

Some time ago I heard a story about a wise man and a dove. The wise man lived some time ago and was kind, compassionate and caring. As such, he was loved by the people. Not far from the wise man lived a young prince who despised the wise man, believing his followers loved the wise man more than him.

In an effort to discredit the wise man, the prince decided to dress as a peasant and go to the marketplace where the wise man spoke to the masses each day. The prince intended to carry in his hands a white dove. His plan was to fool the wise man by asking him if the dove were alive or dead. If the wise man answered that the dove were alive, the prince would crush it in his hands, killing it. Conversely, if the wise man answered that the dove were dead, the prince would simply set it free. It was a foolproof plan in his eyes and he looked forward to discrediting the wise man publicly.

Well the day finally came. The prince disguised himself as a peasant and he went to the market prepared to make a fool of the wise man. He approached the group the wise man was speaking to and boldly asked, "Wise man... I hear great things about you. Can you please demonstrate your wisdom and tell me if the dove I hold in my hands is dead or alive?" The wise man thought for a moment, looked at his followers and answered quietly, "Why my good man, it is what you make of it."

It is what you make of it indeed. Your circumstance. Your relationships. Your future. All are what you make of it!

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