Monday, February 17, 2014

Technology in the Classroom

What do Hewlett Packard, Google, Microsoft and Apple all have in common? Legend has it that these powerhouse tech companies all started in garages. However, at least in this context, more important than that, none of those companies had a significant presence in the traditional K-12 classroom as recently as 10 years ago. Today, Google can be properly used as both a noun and as a verb! 

The use of technology in the classroom is not a passing fad - it will not go away. The children of today have grown up with technology, some studies have indicated that our students average over 7 hours per day using entertainment media - primarily outside of the classroom. As such, those students expect technology to be a part of their learning experience. 

Our conversation needs to quickly shift from "if" we will embrace, (and fund) technology in the K-12 environment o "how" we can integrate technology in ways that will promote broader and deeper learning for our students. This cannot be a topic for future discussion - the time is now. 

Educational consultant and author Chris Lehman says it best, "Technology should be like oxygen; Ubiquitous, necessary and invisible." 

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