Monday, March 10, 2014

Saline Hornet Football - Tradition Never Graduates!

This past Thursday, the Saline Hornet Football Program hosted the 2nd Annual Alumni & Friends night at the Pizza House in Ann Arbor. The event serves as an annual opportunity for the public to support the football program and to take a look at the program from the inside - listening to recent accomplishments and plans for future successes.

One highlight of the event this year was the attendance of former Hornet coaches Jack Crabtree, Ed Gall and David Phillips. From the late 70's until the late 90's, this trio turned a lot of boys into young men. Not coincidentally, they won a lot of football games along the way too!

As I caught up with them briefly, I reflected back upon the impact they have had in my life through the years. Not only did they teach me and my teammates the fundamentals of the game, they taught us the fundamentals of life.

Even though the game is now played on turf and the Hornet offense operates from the shotgun, often with 5 WR's, (a little different than "I Gee 56 Power") the same, traditional Hornet football logo that has adorned the helmet for over 30 years will never go away. While Coach Crabtree, Coach Gall and Coach Phillips have all retired from coaching football, the Hornet Football Program remains in good hands. Coach Palka and his staff have accomplished much in their first two years in Saline, and the future looks bright. In addition, as the parent of a current Saline Hornet football player, I could not be happier that my son and his teammates have coaches in their lives that they look up to and seek guidance from just as my teammates and I did. They too are learning football fundamentals and life lessons from our current staff, and I hope that they can continue to have the same type of positive relationships with their coaches that many of my teammates and I have for the past 30 years.

Saline Hornet Football - Tradition Never Graduates!

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